Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Really, is that what you want to do with your life?

The other day my boss made the comment that he had told his wife to "plan on me being dedicated to work for the next year and half, meaning weekends will probably be spent doing work". I thought to myself, WTF? C'on, he has to be kidding, right? Who the hell tells their loved one that they are going to be "busy" for the next year and a half? Work ethic or not, do you really think that writing journal articles that no one is going to read, or are going to be disproven in five years, is worth missing time with your family? With your partner? Hell, even your two dogs? Not for me. Not for me.

The thing is…we watch other people's kids for a living. Sure, we can ascribe some great meaning to it, if you really want to, but…we watch other people's kids for a living. The primary difference between my role and that of a Warden is that the Warden can do more in terms of promoting positive behavior. I am assuming it is easier for the Warden to do an eviction to another room or place someone in solitary. I really wish I had that luxury, but other attributes are the same. The furniture. The hidden drugs. …and cafeteria style food.

Community is going to happen, regardless of me being here or not. I think that that is the dirty secret of our profession; we have dreams of impacting the behaviors and life of all those around us, but it is not the same as when most of us were RA's. That not withstanding; RA's typically have a lasting impact, I hesitate to use the term "positive", but lasting and certainly play a role in the lives of their students. Yet, I can tell myself I am creating the infrastructure for RA success, but I feel like I would be lying. Once I went on vacation for the month of Feb. and missed nothing in my building.

Sometimes I really do giggle about how lucky I am to have this job, I mean…I get paid to put on events AND I have access to a dining hall 24/7, but to tell my loved one I have better things to do? I would argue this point regardless if it was a Housing Professional telling me this or not, but still…really, to give up a life for this?

…no..not I.