Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wet Vac’ing

It was only a matter of two days later…when I found myself on the 17th floor Wet Vac'ing. Luckily the student's had yet to move in, but my staff was in the building. Explain to me why I walk up thirty minutes after the leak started and there are three RA's, two night security officers, and four police officers pointing to the celling saying "yup, it's the sprinklers, nothing we can do." Mind you, the water was coming from the smoke detector, not the sprinkler head.

Thank goodness for my superior intellect where I pointed out that there was a laundry room upstairs and asked if they had perchance gone up the stairs and looked at the floor above. The statement must have been too logical for them to comprehend; they all looked at me like I had grown a second head. As we went upstairs we could hear the water GUSHING from the washers.

Again, I must remind you that I am with emergency response personnel who just stared at the washer gushing. At this point there was about three inches of water on the floor and it continued to gush. As they stood there screaming "calling facilities for them to shut off the water" I walked over and opened the washer lid and it stopped its cycle, thus stopping the flooding. My assumption is that they are all so preoccupied with saving lives that an understanding of washing machines must elude them. I felt it was an appropriate punishment to leave my staff behind after I showed them how to wet vac. Ah, I'm so fortunate that the opportunity arose during RA training so that they can have that skill early on.

The other most recent moment of pure awesome had to do with bystander behavior. I watched as all my co-workers went downstairs to a going away party for a co-worker. I was walking up late, carrying two armfuls of boxes, whereupon I see a male and female couple SCREAMING at one another. It was somewhat stereotypical surreal as the boyfriend was wearing a wife beater with massive bulging muscle arms. However, I continued walking up and they screamed for about the five minutes it took me to finally get to them. They were located DIRECTLY outside of the room with the going away party. In fact, the office had glass windows. As I walked up and stepped in between the feuding couple two of my co-workers rushed out to see if I needed help.

Honestly? We could have had us some serious beat down time, but no one seemed to terribly concerned until I stepped in between the two. I just don't understand how someone could overlook screaming people outside of your window as you're throwing a party. The last time I checked rooms full of professionals are supposed to be interventionists, you know, confronting behavior when they see it. However, some farewell cake seems to void this action step from my co-workers.

One week down.