Sunday, July 24, 2011

No, I don’t have any resources for you.

For a profession that prides itself on being on the cutting edge of student services, it does very little to establish its own super-neato resources.

In doing a quick domain search for resources I found that "" was currently available for purchase at a very significant price.

However, being the refined, educated, seasoned professional that I am, I realized that I should add "residence" to URL and see what magical resources pop-up.

None. Zero. Nadda. In fact, being as refined as the profession is, ripe with competition over domain names I found that the URL was dirt cheap. So cheap in fact I decided to claim it as my own. Trust me; it is not a long term investment, but rather me just getting bored one night wanting to claim it. It's not for money and it's not to provide other professionals with useful resources. I mean, if in ten years someone wants the URL and offers me a ton of money, sure. However, we're all in education so it's fairly doubtful that anything will materialize with that dream.

Go someplace else for your programming resources, ice breaker, and door decs. I promise, I have none of that to give you.

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