Monday, July 25, 2011


It seems to happen year after year, the summer is quickly upon us after a fleeting school year. Okay, maybe it's just me. May always seems to drag onward and then August starts running full force in early June. July is non-existent and then here I am, year after year, looking August on head first.

One would think that after seven years I would have learned by now. I had one slightly productive summer in May where I remembered the year before that August appeared very soon. I spent all of May copying my duty logs, making binders, re-purchasing supplies for my RA boxes. I remember everyone mocked me, thought I was an idiot. Come August it was wonderful.

…I don't know why I forgot about that process. I think it's because every May now I do my best to scream "Don't let the door hit you on your way out!", do my damage billing and then hop in the car to head south. Or actually ANYWHERE, as long as it's away from there or here, as long it's SOMEWHERE. God knows, I just sit around waiting for them to leave.

I don't understand though, how is it, year after year, month after month, thousands of reminders via e-mail, text messaging, signs, letters to their parents, etc. that student's still do not know when move out is. It baffles me. I can tell you today when move-out is in next May. I just don't understand.

Anyway, so where am I? A week out from training…asking myself if the RA's really need supplies to open. ...or even bulletin board materials. I mean, can't they just do a damn bored with butcher paper? Be creative, use the student newspaper, toilet paper, just don't give me that line of…there's no paper. There's plenty of paper! Idiots! They just prefer to use a whole sheet of construction paper for one letter of the alphabet instead of shoving Hernandez-Smith onto one sheet.

Then it's always…I can't do my door dec's without names! Whatever. Just make up student's names, they'll appreciate the game and I honestly wouldn't know better as an RD.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

No, I don’t have any resources for you.

For a profession that prides itself on being on the cutting edge of student services, it does very little to establish its own super-neato resources.

In doing a quick domain search for resources I found that "" was currently available for purchase at a very significant price.

However, being the refined, educated, seasoned professional that I am, I realized that I should add "residence" to URL and see what magical resources pop-up.

None. Zero. Nadda. In fact, being as refined as the profession is, ripe with competition over domain names I found that the URL was dirt cheap. So cheap in fact I decided to claim it as my own. Trust me; it is not a long term investment, but rather me just getting bored one night wanting to claim it. It's not for money and it's not to provide other professionals with useful resources. I mean, if in ten years someone wants the URL and offers me a ton of money, sure. However, we're all in education so it's fairly doubtful that anything will materialize with that dream.

Go someplace else for your programming resources, ice breaker, and door decs. I promise, I have none of that to give you.